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Press Coverage

RIBA Journal

'Diving in: Natural swimming in the city is already a reality in Denmark. Could it catch on in London?' by Pamela Buxton, 5 December 2014 - download

Financial Times

'From lidos to plunge pools: urban swim projects around the world' by Harriet Partridge, 5 September 2014 - download

The Guardian

'Wild swimming in the city: come on in, the water's cleaner!' by Oliver Wainwright, 13 August 2014 - download


'Jane Withers on the new architecture for urban swimming' 9 September 2014 - download

Wall Street International

'Urban Plunge' 19 August 2014 - download

New York Times

'Swimming holes for city folk' by Eve M. Kahn, 10 September 2014 - download

Evening Standard - Homes & Property

'Urban Plunge "natural swimming" in cities, with new ideas for London' by Barbara Chandler, 3 September 2014 - download


'Urban Plunge – wild swimming in the city' interview by Debika Ray, 1 September 2014 - download

The Ecologist

'Urban Plunge - open swimming in the heart of the city' by Jane Withers, 13 September 2014 - download


'Studio Octopi's Thames Bath concept evolves into floating freshwater pools' 14 August 2014 - download


'Urban Plunge: New designs for natural swimming at Roca Gallery' interview by Theodora Pyrogianni, 11 September 2014 - download

Building Design

'Water world' by Elizabeth Hopkirk, 11 September 2014 - download


'Designs for urban swimming to go on show in forthcoming exhibition' 10 July 2014 - download

Evening Standard

'Thames lido architects in fresh approach' by Lizzie Edmonds, 14 August 2014 - download


‘Wonderwater Café at Tian Hai by Jane Withers, Kari Korkman and Aalto University’ by Amy Frearson, 16 October 2011 - download

Financial Times

‘Designed in China’ by Caroline Roux, 24 September 2011 - download


‘States of Design 09: Green Design’ by Paola Antonelli, 31 January 2012 - download

Design Indaba

‘The waterprint of food’ by Nadine Botha, 16 November 2011 - download

BSAG - Baltic Sea Action Group Publication

'Wonderwater Baltic Sea Exhibition', by Kari Korkman, 9 February 2012 (in Finnish) - download

Elle Décor India

‘Aqua awareness’ by Chandni Sehgal, 30 November 2011 - download


‘The Future of Water: Wonderwater’, 11 January 2012 - download

Urban Times

‘On Water Consumption’ by Claire Thirlwall, 17 January 2012 - download

Design Museum Holon

‘How much water do we eat’ by Maya Dvash, 17 October 2011 - download


‘Wonderwater’ by Chloe Rahall, 30 September 2011 - download


‘Beijing design week highlights’, 1 November 2011 - download

LSN Global

‘Walking on water: Beijing pop up event highlights water footprint’ by Peter Firth and Sophie Walker, 18 October 2011 - download

Intelligence Squared

‘How much water do you eat?’, Jane Withers talk at the If Conference, Intelligence Squared, 25 November 2011 - download

Another Mag

‘Sustainable Culture: Wonderwater’, by Abby Schlageter, 6 February 2012 - download

Artek Manifest N. 1: Homeless

'Water Manifesto', by Jane Withers, 26 March 2012 - download

Guardian Environment

'Do you know the water footprint of your cafe meal?', by Bibi van der Zee, 21 September 2012 - download

New York Times

Wonderwater Cafe London selected as a must see at London Design Festival 2012, by Pilar Vildas, 17 September 2012 - download

Urban Times

"How much water do you eat?", by Anya Hart Dyke, 19 September 2012 - download


"Cozy and Eco-Conscious Wonderwater Café Pops-Up at the London Design Festival", by Ana Lisa Alperovich, 2 October 2012 - download


Ethical Living with Lucy Siegle, Green Crush: Wonderwater Cafe London, 23 September, 2012 - download

Culture Compass

"Wonderwater Cafe/ London Design Festival" by Loma-Ann Marks, 18 September 2012 - download

Stylus Report: LDF Food

"LDF Food: Wonderwater Cafe" by Chloe Albert, 2 October 2012 - download

Greenhouse PR Blog

"ECO HERO: JANE WITHERS, FOUNDER OF WONDERWATER" by HJ Taskis, 13 September 2012 - download

Architects Journal

"Green Preview: London Design Festival 2012, Wonderwater Cafe - Food's water footprint" by By Hannah Wood & Angeles Hevia, 13 September 2012 - download

Sustainable Restaurant Association Blog

"Jane Withers on the Wonderwater Café – raising awareness of the water footprint of food" 11 September 2012 - download

Green Thing Blog

" How much water do you eat?" by Jo Corrall, 18 September 2012 - download


Surface Tension: The Future of Water by Jane Withers - download

Helsingin Sanomat

“The Finns eat other’s water” (Suomalaiset kuluttajat syövät muiden vettä) “Half of the water footprint of the Finns is made outside Finland” (Suomen vesijalanjäljestä puolet syntyy ulkomailla), 23 May, 2012 - download

Damn Magazine

'We’re all just sentient sacks of water…' by Jane Withers . Wonderwater Cafe cover story, no 37, March/April 2013 - download